Dr. Leovigildo Quijano


Department of Natural Products

Address: Circuito Exterior s/n, Ciudad Universitaria. District Coyoacán. ZIP Code 04510 Mexico City. Mexico.

Telephone: +52 (55) 56-22-44-11
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Dr. Quijano is Full Researcher since 1982. He obtained his BSc. in Chemistry in 1967 and his PhD. in Organic Chemistry in 1973, both by the National Autonomous University of Mexico. He has made academic visits to the Louisiana State University in 1978, 1982 and 1988. He has lectured at the USA, Rumania, Spain, China and Thailand. Dr. Quijano has published more than one hundred scientific articles and six chapters of books. He has supervised more than 50 theses and presented his research work in more than 80 national and international congresses.



  • Application of modern spectroscopic methods to the isolation and structural determination of secondary metabolites of plants and marine organisms.
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic studies of secondary metabolites.


  • Dr. Quijano has supervised on 62 theses, including 11 for MSc. degree and 2 for PhD. degree.
  •  Supervisor of Graduate Programs in Chemistry and Ocean Sciences, UNAM and the University of Yucatan (UADY).


Member of the National Research System, since its foundation in 1984 (Level II). National Researcher, level III (maximum level), from 1987 to this date.

National University Award in 1996, in the Area of Research on Natural Sciences. Awarded by UNAM.

“Andrés Manuel del Río” National Award in Research, conferred by the Mexican Chemical Society.

Member of the Referee Committee in Area 2 (Biology and Chemistry) of the National Research System of Mexico (2000-2003) and Panama.


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  • Triterpenoids from Tillandsia fasciculata. Zulema Cantillo-Ciau; Wendy Brito-Loeza; Leovigildo Quijano. Journal. of Natural Products 2001, 64, 953-955.


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