Dr. Rubén Luis Gaviño Ramírez

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Academic Technician

Address: Circuito Exterior s/n, Ciudad Universitaria. Delegación Coyoacán, C.P.04510
 México DF.
Phone: (55) (52) 56 22 44 14 / 56224432

Laboratory 1  RMN
Laboratory 2-8
Building A, first floor



As Technical and Academic Chief of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory at the Institute of Chemistry, UNAM, he carried out activities related to preventive and corrective maintenance of the 7 NMR equipment available to the Institute. Also the determination of the spectroscopic analysis of different nuclei in mono- and and two-dimensional versions for institute researchers and other academic units and the industry. His main duty is not limited to the acquisition of spectra, but also advice on the interpretation, education and training of students in Master's and Doctoral studies.

• Chemist, Faculty of Chemistry, UNAM
• Master in Chemistry (Organic Chemistry), Faculty of Chemistry, UNAM
• Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry and Macromolecules, University of Science and Technology of Lille I, France.

Thesis: Dualité réactif-effet inhibiteur du monoxyde de carbone dans les réactions de carbonylation de dérivés halogénés et de l'éthylène.
Professional Experience

• Member of the Institute of Chemistry since 1986.
• Head, Laboratory of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. May 1, 2003 to May 2010. Institute of Chemistry, UNAM.



• NMR Course at  the Varian Company facilities, in Palo Alto, California, United States, on the operation of Varian UNITY  and UNITY PLUS (300 and 500 MHz) equipment.
• NMR Course at the University of Akron, Ohio, United States, on the operation of Varian Gemini-200 equipment.
• Training course on the NMR Bruker Avance DRX300 equipment management.
• Advance from the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Interfaces and Applications, University of Lens, France.
• Course at  the NMR Bruker Company facilities, The Woodlands, Texas, United States.


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Facile and efficient addition of terminal alkynes to benzotriazole esters: synthesis of D-erythro-sphingosine using ynones as the key intermediate. José Antonio Morales-Serna, Alejandro Sauza, Gabriela Padrón de Jesús, Rubén Gaviño, Gustavo García de la Mora, Jorge Cárdenas. Tetrahedron Letters (2013), 54(52), 7111-7114.

The supramolecular structure of a cadmium complex with the new functionalized terpyridine ligand 4'-[4-(pyrimidin-5-yl)phenyl]-2,2':6',2''-terpyridine (L1): aqua(L1-3N,N',N'')(nitrato-2O,O')(nitrato-O)cadmium(II) dehydrate Juan, Granifo, Rubén Gaviño, Eleonora Freire, Ricardo Baggio. Acta Crystallographica, Section C: Crystal Structure Communications (2013), 69(8), 822-825.

A novel hybrid terpyridine–pyrimidine ligand and the supramolecular structures of two of its complexes with Zn(II) and acetylacetonato: The underlying role of non-covalent p···p contacts and C–H ··X(O, N, p) hydrogen bonds. Juan Granifo, Rubén Gaviño, Eleonora Freire, Ricardo Baggio. Journal of Molecular Structure 2014, 1063, 102–108.


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