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Department of Inorganic Chemistry

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David Morales-Morales obtained his BSc. and MSc. from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and his PhD. from Essex University, England in 1998. After a postdoctoral position at the University of Hawaii, he joined the Institute of Chemistry, UNAM as Associate Researcher. At present, Dr. Morales-Morales is Full Researcher and has obtained the maximum level conferred by the Program of Academic Performance and the National System of Researchers. Dr. Morales-Morales has published more than 80 articles in prestigious academic journals, including three reviews and six chapters in books.

He is also author of a text book on Organometallic Chemistry, published in Spanish, which has obtained more than 1200 citations. Dr. Morales-Morales is a member of the Editorial Board of Referees of Arkivoc and of the International Advisory Board of the journals ChemCatChem (Wiley-VCH Germany), the Open Inorganic Chemistry (Simplex Academic Publishers) and Global Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (Simplex Academic Publishers). He was elected in 2009 member of the International Advisory Board of Homogenous Catalysis Symposia.



  • Design of chelating ligands with elements from groups 15 and 16 of the periodic table.
  • Study of Coordination and Organometallic chemistry of these ligands with metals of the platinum group.
  • Application of these species in catalytic reactions and organic synthesis (mechanistic studies).
  • Study of Chemistry of Pincer Compounds.
  • Catalysis in aqueous media, green chemistry and employment of alternative sources of energy in catalysis.
  • Cytotoxic activity of group 10 metal complexes.




Dr. David Morales-Morales has supervised 28 defended theses; 19 BSc, 7 MSc. and 2 PhD.



Our research group has the facilities and disposal to accept new students to join our group and carry out research work for their theses. These facilities are also open to students for their social work, research short stays, o postdoctoral positions.



Dr. Morales teaches on a regular basis Organometallic Chemistry courses (lab) at the School of Chemistry and Organometallic Chemistry and Organic Synthesis Mediated by Organometallic Compounds at the Graduate Program in Chemical Sciences.


He is accredited tutor at the graduate program in Chemical Sciences and Science & Engineering of Materials.




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Chapter books:
1. Modern Coordination Chemistry. The Legacy of Joseph Chatt

The Chemistry and Applications of Complexes with Sulphur Ligands

Jonathan R. Dilworth, David Morales, Yee-Lok Wong and Yifan Zheng

Editado por Prof. G. J. Leigh and Prof. N. Winterton

ISBN-13: 978-0-85404-469-6

ISBN 10: 0-85404-469-8

Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, UK. February 2002, Pages. 217-230.


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