Tenemos el agrado de invitarlo a la conferencia del Dr. Robert Sutor (VP-IBM-Research) líder de un proyecto vanguardista en cómputo cuántico, quien estará el día 26 de junio del 2018 visitando Ciudad Universitaria con el fin de activar proyectos de colaboración en investigación y educación entre la UNAM e IBM.

Dentro de las actividades programadas se encuentra una conferencia abierta al público, con el título:

IBM Research, from Moon Landing to Quatum Computing,

a las 10:00 horas, en el auditorio Alfonso Caso,
en Ciudad Universitaria.
Se ofrecerá traducción simultánea

Registro cerrado/ cupo lleno:

Dr. Robert Sutor, IBM
Portrait of Dr. Robert Sutor, IBM
Dr. Robert Sutor, IBM

R&D executive leading a large global group of scientists, software engineers, and designers who create and integrate leading edge science and technologies to give IBM's clients the most advanced solutions available. Our work is often mathematically-based and thus includes cognitive and AI technologies like machine learning, deep learning, text and image analytics, statistics, predictive analytics, and optimization. Co-leads the IBM Research effort to support IBM's commercial blockchain efforts with advanced innovations across a broad range of its embedded technologies. Leads the group developing the next generation software stack and algorithms for quantum computers.


Dr. Bob Sutor is the Vice President of Open Systems and Linux for the IBM Corporation. In this role he has the responsibility for driving the IBM strategy, sales enablement, and technical pre-sales for software running on Linux and other open source environments. He works with customers, partners, government leaders, analysts, and the press to understand the value of adopting business-critical open source and Linux. He leads new software-based Linux growth initiatives with a global team of software engineers, architects, and sales and marketing professionals. Sutor also drives software interoperability initiatives with public sector partners around the world.

A 28 year veteran of IBM, Sutor worked for 15 years in IBM Research, specializing in symbolic mathematical computation and Internet publishing. He co-authored the booksAxiom: The Scientific Computation System and The LaTeX Web Companion. Sutor was a co-author of the W3C Recommendation Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) as well as the W3C Recommendation Document Object Model Level 1.

In 1999 Dr. Sutor moved to the IBM Software Group and focused on jump starting industry use of XML. This led to positions on the Board of Directors of the OASIS standards group and the vice chairmanship of the ebXML effort, a joint OASIS/United Nations endeavor. Sutor then led IBM’s industry standards and Web services strategy efforts. Dr. Sutor is a widely read blogger and is a frequent speaker around the world on open source, Linux, open standards, virtual worlds, and cloud computing. He is widely cited in the press; was featured in interviews in the Harvard Business Review, CNET, eWeek, and InfoWorld; and was quoted in the Wall Street Journal and the Economist. In 2006 Sutor was named as one of Computer Business Review’s “Open Source VIPs”.

Dr. Sutor has an undergraduate degree from Harvard College and a Ph.D. from Princeton University, both in Mathematics.

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