Statement on Gender Balance

Statement on Gender Balance at the 3rdLACA School on Small Molecule Cystallography

During the organization, we will follow the Gender Balance requirements of the IUCr. ( as well as those adopted at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), where the event will be held. (

Specifically, the Institute of Chemistry as the main local organizing body has a Gender Equity board, whose chair will be involved in the organization of the 3rd LACA School. Furthermore, we have engaged Dr. Natalia Alvarez, member of IUCr-GEDC. They will be active guardians of the application of decisions that keep gender balance and diversity of the school.

The school is limited to 50 participants, mainly due to restrictions imposed by the practical sessions. If the final number of early applications is higher than this limit, a preselection of the candidates will be put in place and gender balance will be one of the main criterions to select the final group of attendees.

Furthermore, travel and lodging grants for Young Scientist will be assigned in such a way to achieve a Gender Balance of the recipients.

The organizers will use the registration forms of present participants to precisely determine the following ratios (W=Woman, M=Man, O=Other):

  • W/M/O ratio of student participants
  • W/M/O ratio of senior participants

These data will be, together with the ratios for organizing committee and speakers, included in the final report for the IUCr.

The Organizing Committee