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Ph.D. in Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Ukranian Academy of Sciences, Kvjv, 1980.
Full-time professor.
Articles published – more than 200, number of articles in Web of Science – 186, articles cited 1668 times, h-index 19.
Sponsored projects by CONACYT, DGAPA, UNAM, and international collaborative projects (Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Ukraine).
Member of the Academy of Sciences of Mexico and the Molecular Engineer Academy, participating in the scientific projects supported by the European Union.



  • Thermodynamic properties and microscopic structure of homogeneous and inhomogeneous fluids.
  • Thermodynamic and structural properties of electrolyte solutions in homogeneous phase confined by nanopores.
  • Fluid adsorption in pore systems and disordered nanopores media; phase transitions in fluid systems.
  • Research methods: integral equations of fluids theory; density functionals, modelling and computater simulation.




Grants are available for students interested in my supervision for thesis on the following research projects:

Thermodynamic properties of fluids and chemical reactions in pores

Substrate effects in the formation of micropore media and fluid system adsorption.

Electrolyte solutions in disordered porous media.

Structure and thermodynamic properties of polyelectrolytes.



National Research System, Level III.

Awarded with the highest level in the program to reward excellence in research at UNAM.


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  • Structural and thermodynamic properties of the restricted primitive model electrolyte in a mixture with uncharged hard spheres: a grand canonical Monte Carlo simulation and integral equation study. Author(s): Luksic Miha; Hribar-Lee Barbara; Pizio Orest. MOLECULAR PHYSICS  Volume: 109   Issue: 6   Pages: 893-904   DOI: 10.1080/00268976.2011.558029   Published: 2011. 
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