Dr. Ivan Castillo Pérez


Department of Inorganic Chemistry

Address:Circuito Exterior s/n, Ciudad Universitaria. Delegación Coyoacán. C.P. 04510, México, D.F.

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He joined the School of Chemistry at UNAM in 1993 and completed the bachelor degree in 1996 at MIT, conducting experimental work under the supervision of Stephen L. Buchwald. He completed doctoral studies at the University of California at Berkeley under the supervision of T. Don Tilley, working in the activation of carbon-hydrogen, silicon-hydrogen and silicon-carbon sigma bonds with organometallic lanthanide complexes.



Study of biologically-relevant coordination complexes with sulfur and nitrogen-containing ligands that mimic the active site of monooxygenase and nitrogenase enzymes.

Study of copper, iron, ruthenium and molybdenum complexes. Synthesis of inorganic and organometallic compounds of transition metals with new ligands which favor the formation of supramolecular structures.

Study of the potential applications of these systems in catalysis.




Accredited Tutor of the Graduate Program in Chemical Sciences, availability for students seeking to fulfill thesis and social service requirements, with grant options for students with a grade of 8.5 and higher. Instructor of "Coordination Chemistry" in the Master program in Chemical Sciences. Recent thesis directed (14 total, 7 bachelors, 1 PhD, 6 masters; 2 PhD and 2 masters in progress).

Development of new compounds with C2 symmetry: transition metal ligands with potential applications as asymmetric catalysts, by Viridiana L. Perez Torres, Bachelors thesis, School of Advanced Studies-Zaragoza, UNAM, March 2011.

Synthesis and characterization of copper complexes with bis(benzimidazolyl)amine ligands. by Laura A. Rodriguez Solano, Bachelors thesis,School of Chemistry, UNAM, May 2011.

Copper complexes with benzimidazole and thioether aminotripodal ligands as potential mimics for monooxygenase enzymes, by Paulina R. Martínez Alanis, PhD thesis, Instituto de Química, UNAM.



Member of the National System of Researchers, Level I. Prime Program to Academic Staff Performance, UNAM (PRIDE) Level C.

Recipient of an IANAS fellowship 2012 from the National Academy of Science (USA).


1.  Electrocatalytic proton reduction by dimeric nickel complex of a sterically demanding pincer-type NS2 aminobis(thiophenolate) ligand. Mondragón, A., Flores-Alamo, M., Martínez-Alanis, P. R., Aullón, G., Ugalde-Saldívar, V. M., Castillo, I. Inorg. Chem. 2015, 54, 619-627.


2.  Side-on Cupric-Superoxo triplet complexes as competent agents for C-H abstraction relevant to the active site of PHM. Sánchez-Eguía, B. N., Flores-Alamo, M., Orio, M., Castillo, I. Chem. Commun. 2015, 51, 11134-11137.



3. Supramolecular fluorescence enhancement via coordination-driven self-assembly in bis-picolylcalixarene blue-emitting M2L2Xn macrocycles. Guzmán-Percástegui, E., Vonlanthen, M., Quiroz-García, B., Flores-Alamo, M., Rivera, E., Castillo, I. Dalton Trans. 2015, 44, 15966-15975.



4.  Calix[8]arene nanoreactor for Cu(I)-catalysed C-S coupling. Guzmán-Percástegui, E., Hernández, D. J., Castillo, I. Chem. Commun. 2016, 52, 3111-3114.

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